Upgrading and remodeling a home is a question that often perplexes a seller.

First, a seller wonders whether they should take their appliances with them or leave them behind. Second, the seller wonders whether the appliances should be updated.

If you can make everything sparkly clean, you don’t need to replace your kitchen stove. After your best efforts the stove top still looks like it needs work, you may want to evaluate what needs to be replaced.

And then there is the refrigerator. In some of the fancier neighborhoods, it’s required that all the kitchen appliances be ultra-modern, that is, a sub-zero refrigerator, a double oven.

In other neighborhoods, the appliances need to be relatively modern, but there’s no hard and fast rule.

Another area involves the kitchen countertops. Let’s face it, women tend to love granite countertops. Having granite installed may boost a kitchen’s appeal. In this case, it’s best to talk over with your real estate agent what sort of countertops are prevalent in your price range of home.

Do the hardwood floors look dull? Sanding and refinishing often only needs to be done if the wood is damaged or badly scratched. Perhaps the floor just needs to be recoated to make the hardwood gleam anew.

Outside the kitchen, appliances aren’t that important. Whether the washer/dryer is the latest or not, or whether they are left behind or not, is not a major consideration. Whatever is most convenient for the seller is probably going to be OK with the buyer. The furnace, water heater, and air-conditioning unit are probably okay as well if they are in good condition. 

Sometimes it’s difficult for a seller to objectively evaluate what home updates needs to be done. That’s where a real estate agent can really help. Gregg Sutter has 30+ years in the real estate industry and can help you make your home loveable.

If you would like some help deciding what updates are needed to make your home more salable, contact Gregg Sutter Realty.