Curb Appeal Matters: How Attractive is Your Home from the Road?

When a buyer drives up to your home, your first chance to impress is the way your home looks from the road. If they buyer is turned off with that first look, they’ll just drive away.

So, go outside, walk down to the road and take a good long look at your home. How’s it look? Is it neatly painted? Are the gutters nicely installed? Is the grass mowed? Check out the landscaping, the mailbox, the condition of the driveway. Ask yourself, “Would I be impressed?”
If you have siding, it’s probably a good idea to clean it, especially if that hasn’t been done in a while.

Evaluate the exterior painting. If it’s cracking, peeling, or if it’s dirty, it may be time to repaint.

What about the windows? Are they clean? Are they in good condition?

For some of these items, you may choose to hire someone. I have a list of service people that I know and trust and have worked with. In that’s one of the great advantages of working with a real estate agent, being able to draw on the agent’s list of service and .

Clean Up the Yard

Your yard can have a major impact on the salability of your home. Take a walk around your yard and look for things that need to be done.

Here are some suggestions to consider:

Do the bushes need to be trimmed? Are there dead or dying bushes that need to be replaced? What does the mulch look like? Is the lawn neatly edged? What shape is the grass in? Are there bare spots that to be repaired? If there are flower beds, are they weeded and are the flowers tended to? Would some flowers around the mailbox be possible? Evaluate any fencing. If it’s old, should it be replaced or does it look OK? Do the gates work? Is the grass neatly trimmed around the fence? If you were looking at this house as a buyer, how the appearance of the lawn and the landscaping strike you? Note anything that looks below par or that is missing. Consider hiring a landscaping company to do a thorough sprucing up. Their services aren’t that expensive and the results can be stunning. Having a neatly kept lawn can greatly improve your home’s chances of being sold quickly and at a good price. Want some more ideas? Feel free to contact me.

After the yard has been manicured, the landscape is neat, exterior repairs are complete, driveway sealed and windows washed what is the first impression that next potential buyer will see once they step through the door? Those vibrant front door colors, unique details, and seasonal accents can certainly draw a buyers’ eyes and get them inside. Which is your But after they get inside, what is the first thing they see? Does that first impression give your potential buyer a warm and welcome feeling?

Here a few tips to help:


  • Make sure no matter how small or large of an area, is clean and uncluttered.
  • Have a focal point like a flower arrangement or a painting.
  • Have adequate lighting either with the natural sunlight or a nice entry lamp.
  • Have pleasant smells. Cookies baking in oven, fragrant flowers or candles can help achieve this.

That “Welcome Home” feeling can make your home stick out in the mind of a buyer even after they are long gone and leave a lasting impression.