Photos of Your Home: How Important Are They?
At Gregg Sutter Realty, every listing has photos!

Everyone has seen the home listing that has NO photo, just a description and price. Such photo-less listings are worse than ineffective. They can actually prevent your home from getting offers!

The first few weeks a home is on the market are extremely important, as real estate agents know very well. For one thing, buyers actively in the buying phase of the marketing “funnel” are constantly searching through the newest listings in hopes of finding the best deals. And real estate agents are also paying close attention to new listings so they can quickly bring the best ones to their clients’ attention as soon as that property hits the market. Buyers don’t often realize it, but one of the most thrilling and satisfying things for an agent is to find a listing that takes the buyer’s breath away. It feels great to do that!

So the initial debut of a listing always makes a “splash” or produces an initial surge of interest. And this means that offers received within the first two or three weeks of a listing tend to be the best offers received. So a prime goal of creating a listing is to make it so attractive and so persuasive that buyers respond to it immediately and enthusiastically. 

Do you have a large backyard that is perfect for small children’s touch football games or for badminton? Make sure there are one or more photos of the backyard included in the listing.

Does your home have a large master bedroom with a roomy walk-in closet? Make sure there are at least two photos, one to show off the large master bedroom and one to show off the closet.

Is there a modern kitchen with up-to-date appliances and perhaps a breakfast nook? Make sure there are pictures.

Without photos, it is very difficult to create such a listing. For one thing, and especially for buyers, who often are amateurs when it comes to interpreting home listings, it’s very hard to visualize how a home looks by just reading the verbal descriptions. Even experienced real estate agents like listings with photos because it’s much easier for their client to see what’s special about the listing. While sellers can understandably get in a hurry to sell their home, when confronted with the decision of either listing right away without photos or waiting until photos are taken, it’s better to delay the listing until photos are available.

Even when a professional photographer is used, your real estate agent does need your help. Be sure to let the agent know the particular advantages in your home as well as the things that perhaps should not be shown or emphasized.

Have any other questions about how to incorporate photos into your home listing, contact Gregg Sutter Realty to choose your photos with care.