Time to De-Clutter!

There’s been a recent trend toward minimalism with shows like Tidying Up and Tiny House, Big Living. The idea can span from wanting a more simplified space to minimizing the importance of stuff in your life. Whatever your reasoning, every once in a while we all could use an evaluation of our space. Do those knick-knacks really need to occupy that shelf? You don’t have to throw everything away, but we all can agree that we don’t want to end up an episode of Hoarders.

Let’s get to it! The first step is always the hardest! 

Make Time and a Plan For Your Space

Pick a time-slot on your calender and stick with it. We all think we will go through that closet in our spare time. Then you look at your week ahead and realize that you have none. Give yourself more time than you expect. De-cluttering and cleaning always takes more time than you may realize, especially when you are going through items that may be of sentimental value. It takes time to organize and figure out what exactly you will do with all that stuff. 

Start Off Small

Pick a corner of a room or a closet. Expand out if you feel up to it. For some, doing a small task everyday helps. It can give us a boost of positivity in achieving something and getting that every day could be beneficial. On the other hand, you could yourself up for failure in not completing a task on a certain busy day. We all have different schedules. Make a plan that works for you! 

Make a List

Lists can be a blessing or a curse. Organizationally though, they are a must. We often will put the horse before the cart in projects we just want to rid our lives of. We rush through something only to realize that we could have saved time, money, and agony if we had just planned it out first. Save yourself the frustration and make a plan. You’ll be glad you did in the long run. 

We know it’s hard tackling projects. Our lives often feel so full, you think, “How will I ever find the time or energy?” We must think of the payoff. Our surroundings are much more important than we give them credit for. They can have the power to change our mental states. After a long day at work, how does it make you feel to pull into your driveway? Do you take pride in your living room when you have company over? Does your kitchen make you want to cook? These questions may seem silly, but they are essential to giving us the drive we need to tackle that weary project you’ve been putting off. For more helpful home tips, check out our other blogs!