Autumn is fast approaching. Now is the time to get your home ready for falling leaves and colder temperatures. Enjoy the warm weather now, just don’t allow the winter air to become an after-thought. It is better to get weatherization on your schedule now before the weather gets nasty. 

Tackle This List and Be Ready for Autumn! 

  • Weatherize your windows and doors. You can watch the money pour out of broken seals and cracks when you look at your energy bill. Ignoring these problems is expensive.  An easy way to check these issues is by using a candle. If you hold it nearby and it flickers, you have a draft. Caulk around all visible cracks. If necessary, set up an appointment with a local glass company to repair the broken seals. Keep in mind that if the glass is intact, they may be able to repair the seal without replacing the glass. That will save you money. Mark a day on your calendar to swap out the screens for storm windows if needed. 
  • Prepare your yard. Leaves and rain will be falling, sometimes in abundance. Make sure your downspouts are clear and the water is targeted away from the property. Fertilize to prevent winter damage and spring weeds. Plant bulbs for spring. Trim back foliage that looks like it could be troublesome in a storm. Organize and clean out your shed. And most exciting, get the firewood ready for bonfire season! 
  • Get your thermostat, furnace, and fireplace ready. This would be an optimal time to buy a programmable thermostat. You’ll save money and time with automatic settings. It’s also nice to change settings from your devices without even being home. Check furnace filters and address any concerns before it gets cold. Have an HVAC professional inspect your fireplace, especially if it’s wood-burning. Test your carbon monoxide alarm. 
  • Inspect your roof and siding. Get up on your roof and make note of any damaged or missing shingles. Check the flashing around your chimney. Do a visual inspection of the siding. If it looks like it needs cleaning, hire a professional or rent a power washer.

Spending this time now will free up your schedule later. So enjoy all the bonfires, apple-picking, football, leaf turning and pumpkin patch strolling until your heart is content! 

Looking for an all around upgrade before the season changes? Gregg can help you find you the perfect home!