This can be the funnest time of the year for decorating your house. Want to be the envy of all the neighbors? Or maybe you just enjoy some simple seasonal reminders? Whatever your ideal decorating style, we have some great tips to share! 

Let’s get your house in the Fall spirit! 

Are You Into the Spooky or Harvest Theme? 

Both styles can be mixed and mingled, but you will need to decide what theme will fit where. Some rooms are better than others for showcasing certain types of decor. When you decide what style you want to use where, it might be time to seek exactly what you want to add. 

Consider Shopping at Local Farms and Harvest Festivals! 

Putting your money back into the community you live in is invaluable. This is especially true for farmers. These places can be your source for pumpkins, gourdes, haystacks, mums, wreathes, etc. Bring your family for a great added bonus of a fun day at the farm. Many of them have corn mazes, tractor rides, pumpkin picking, and more! 

Get Crafty! 

When it comes to this season, decorations can be costly. If that is stressing you out, it might be a great idea to create some! Consider having a pumpkin decorating night, painting and/or adding adornments. These can last until December, if not carved into. Consider making a wreath or an arrangement. There are countless Fall crafting ideas online. The piece you create might make you feel proud when you dig it out every year, with memories included. 

Like the Rustic Look? Use Nature! 

This might seem bizarre, but there are lots of beautiful rustic designs to be had right in your backyard! Pine cones will naturally fall and can make a great centerpiece. Plus, they can smell pretty great! Collect leaves to hang up and acorns to adorn your windowsill. Fallen branches could be gathered to make a natural-looking art piece, hanging either from the ceiling or wall.   

Smell the Season! 

Whichever your preference, spruce up the house with fall candles, plugins, natural arrangements, soap, and/or baked goodies. 


When you decorate your home for the Fall season or the holidays, it can add a sense of joy to that space. Decorating can also be a fun activity for the young ones to enjoy as well. Are you trying to buy or sell a home this Fall season? If so, Gregg Sutter Realty is here for you! Contact Gregg today to get started!